What Type of Dress Should You Choose for Your Latin Dance?

Ballroom dance outfits, especially for the ladies, can range from flirty and fun to graceful and elegant. Latin dance in particular highlights the dancers’ legs and hips, making it more sexy and provocative. But what kind of dresses go well with each of the 5 Latin dances?

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This traditional Spanish is passionate and desirous. Your outfit should speak to Spanish aesthetics, like adding red or large ornaments or extending the length of your dress. You can also add polka dots, flowers, or epaulets to your dress to mimic the aesthetic of the matador and of the flamenco dancer.


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This dance is all about show and spectacle, and you’re going to want your dress to speak to that. Arguably the most important part of a samba dance is bounce. In order to emphasize the voluptuous movement of a samba routine, we recommend using boa and individual feathers as part of your outfit, especially around the hips. The feathers will synchronize their movement with your own, creating the volume and bouncy effect of the dance.


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One of the more provocative dances, this dance style focuses on hip movement. It’s all about the flirtatious and fun aspect of partnered dance. To forefront the hip and leg movement, you’re going to want bright, fun fringes. It’s suitable to have a short dress for this type of dance, or even a separate top and skirt.


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Last and certainly not least, Rumba. Rumba is all about sensuality and romanticism. For this reason, your dress should be revealing, but delicately and tastefully. The fluid movement of this type of dance asks for skin-tight outfits or dresses that wrap and hang around your body (consider silk). For a really eye-catching look, we recommend adding crystals to your outfit to make it glitter in the parque light.


With these tips in mind, you’ll find the perfect dress that’s right for you and your dance style for your next routine!