Zolisa Xaluva On What Made Him Leave Gomora

Zolisa Xaluva On What Made Him Leave Gomora

It was a sad time for Gomora viewers when they learned that one of their favarourite characters, Melusi, was leaving. The role was played by acclaimed South African thespian Zolisa Xaluva.

The star bid the Telenovela at the end of Season 2. Speaking publicly for the first time about his departure on Podcast And Chill with Mac G, the actor stated that one of the reasons he left the telenovela was that they began moving away from what the character originally stood for.

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“Part of the reasons I left the show was that they kind of deviated from the original concept of him being pure and a good man.

“We had conversations about what we were going to do for season 3 but ultimately we were like let’s park it for now until we can find a way where we can redeem the character for the future,” he said.

Zolisa says his favorite thing about Melusi was that he was “an upstanding member of the community.”

“I liked that portrayal of a black man unlike the characters on screen that aren’t reflective of who we are as men. I loved that he was making an attempt to be a good father as unorthodox as he was.

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“Everything that he did came out of love for his family and community,” he added.

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