Zandile Mafe Refuses To Appear In Court After Request For Kettle Was Denied

Zandile Mafe Refuses To Appear In Court After Request For Kettle Was Denied

After being denied a kettle in his prison cell, Zandile Mafe has refused to appear in court for the second time. In January, Mafe allegedly set fire to the National Assembly.

He lay down in his holding cell last month, refusing to appear in the Cape Town High Court.  The State attempted to bring the accused to court, according to Senior State Advocate Mervyn Menigo, but he refused to leave his cell at Pollsmoor Prison.

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“The docket has been fully disclosed to the accused and the defence. They indicated that they require time to consult with the accused to get into a position where they can declare themselves trial ready in this matter,” said the prosecutor.

Luvuyo Godla, Mafe’s legal representative, agreed to the State’s request to continue proceedings in his client’s absence. “We agreed that the matter should be remanded until 4 November to give us sufficient time to consult with [Mafe] and also see what we might make admission to instead of running and calling each and every witness,” said Godla.

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He has also requested other amenities such as a TV, radio, deodorant, and Vaseline. According to his lawyer, Luvuyo Godla, he has been granted permission for a radio but not a kettle for safety reasons.

The 49-year-old is charged with arson, breaking and entering with the intent to commit arson, terrorism, and theft. Mafe is appealing his bail outcome in the supreme court, with Godla saying his behaviour is jeopardising this. “If he conducts himself in this fashion while he in custody, what will he do when he is out on bail?”

However, Godla insists his client’s behaviour is not out of disrespect. “I do not think he knows the repercussions and the implications of what he is doing. I do not assume he disrespects the court. Maybe his way of expressing himself will differ with people,” said Godla, adding: “I’m distancing myself from his behaviour. It’s not me who advised him not to come to court.”

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