Young Mother Brutally Assaults Man Trying To Rape Her With Frying Pan

Young Mother Brutally Assaults Man Trying To Rape Her With Frying Pan

After a horny man forced sexual intercourse with her, a young mother brutally assaulted him with a frying pan.

The 32-year-old man suffered extensive head injuries, according to Reaction Unit SA (RUSA) spokesperson Prem Balram.

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It’s said is the lady who assaulted him with a frying pan is the mother of his three-year-old son.“Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received a call for assistance from a resident in Hilltop near Trenance Park in Kwazulu Natal on Sunday 17 July 2022 at approx 20:14.

“The caller informed the Controller on Duty that he found a man bleeding profusely from injuries to his head. When the Controller requested further details of the patient’s medical condition, the caller stated that he believed the man was run over by a motor vehicle.”

Balram stated that response officers were dispatched immediately and arrived on the scene to find a man covered in blood.

“A small pool of blood was found in a kitchen of the home and blood splatter was found on a fridge. Upon questioning the injured man, he explained that he was visiting the mother of his child and during an argument regarding child support, she assaulted him several times on his head and body with a frying pan.”

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When the young mother (32) was interviewed, she told officers that the man lived nearby and had come to see his child. He was then informed that the baby was at the home of a relative.

She also clarified that she has a Protection Order against her ex-boyfriend and has requested that he leave. He refused and tried to have sexual relations with her forcefully. She then assaulted him with the frying pan that was hanging on the kitchen wall.

Balram stated that upon their arrival, the matter was turned over to the South African Police Service (SAPS).

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