Watch| SK Khoza’s New S*x Tape Leaves Mzansi Stunned

Watch| SK Khoza’s New S*x Tape Leaves Mzansi Stunned

Hayi, yifilim struu! At this rate, he might as well open an only fans account or better audition for p*rn movies! This morning Mzansi woke up to SK Khoza’s video trending once more but this time he has taken it a bit far.

In the shocking clip, viewers could see what appeared to be The Queen artist giving oral sex to a woman. Talk about a surprise! Obviously, fans and followers weren’t shocked to see that kind of content on SK but having it all over social media is bad.

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Well, his name soon trended on Twitter, with thousands of people giving their thoughts on the adult-themed content.

hhayini! uyayiva ke ngoku.

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) July 6, 2022

SK Khoza is our South African Ray J

— Ntshieng (@LeratoN_) July 6, 2022

“SK Khoza won’t do anything stupid again to tarnish his reputation further”
SK Khoza :

— KhriticalKhathaza (@ABOYISAGOAT1) July 6, 2022

His brothers: Bro, you need to stay away from social media to avoid bad publicity.

SK Khoza:

— I_am_Nyame (@Nemza007) July 6, 2022

SK Khoza every week!

— Big OG (@Unkel_Donz) July 6, 2022

Went to sleep everything was fine woke up to this guy ……. Again ai no SK Khoza mara

— TswanaManWithPower (@DavidGabaocoe_) July 6, 2022

Does SK Khoza ever think before he does all this things?

— Rex The Gemini (@Rex_The_Gemini) July 6, 2022

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SK Khoza is always trending for the wrong reasons… It’s gonna be a long day today

— 𓃵 M A N D I S I 𓃵 (@Mandisi_II) July 6, 2022

South Africans: We haven’t heard from SK Khoza in a minute, maybe he changed his ways

SK Khoza:

— Hlovo (@hlovo_) July 6, 2022

I see why Gogo Maweni was mad when SK Khoza left her.

— Cypher Buffalo Letswalo (@SimonCLetswalo) July 6, 2022

This is SK Khoza, SK Khoza does not suffer from the “batho ba tlareng” syndrome.
be like SK Khoza

— Sol (@ThaemalaAtli) July 6, 2022

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