Violent Clashes And Looting Reported In Durban During Large-scale Protests

Violent Clashes And Looting Reported In Durban During Large-scale Protests

It has been confirmed that ‘multiple incidents of looting’ occurred in Durban on Monday morning, following a city-wide protest that resulted in the closure of a number of key commuter routes. It is understood, however, that those involved in opportunistic crimes are NOT linked to taxi drivers.

The taxi industry is leading the protest, which is against tighter regulation and high fuel prices. A whole slew of unpleasant developments has pushed these drivers over the edge, prompting them to shut down large sections of the Durban CBD.

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Dasen Thathia is present in the city centre. He told eNCA that looting occurred during the taxi blockade. Several drivers, however, did not want their protests to be hijacked by these individuals, and according to the reporter, some assisted in the return of stolen items.

“Minor incidents of looting were reported earlier on Umgeni Road during the taxi blockade. But, interestingly, affected business owners tell us the protesting drivers intervened and brought their items back from the criminals.”

The blockades began early Monday morning, bringing rush hour traffic to a halt. Some commuters even abandoned their vehicles and walked the rest of the way into town. ‘Violent clashes’ have also been reported in isolated parts of Durban.

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Meanwhile, video of large crowds running into the streets has gone viral. Civil disobedience has caused carnage in the city center, and police are still attempting to restore law and order – and those caught looting face criminal charges.

Durban CBD – Taxi driver protest Police are finally on the scene.

— Doc (@Houtkruis70x71) July 25, 2022

JUST IN : The Durban CBD in South Africa descended into chaos on Monday morning as taxis blocked the roads and protestors burned tyres. The strike action is a result of the increasing fuel, according to local reports.

— NEWS24/7 (@AmericaToday15) July 25, 2022

Here we go again looting in Durban CBD

— Vini Naidoo (@NaidooVini) July 25, 2022

PHOTOS: Umgeni road, one of the biggest roads used to enter or exit the Durban CBD is now also closed by the protesting taxi owners, drivers and street vendors. Commuters working in the city centre are forced to walk. @IOL

— Sihle Mavuso (@ZANewsFlash) July 25, 2022

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