Uncle Waffle’s New Tattoo Gets Blasted On Twitter — See All The Best Reactions!

Uncle Waffle’s New Tattoo Gets Blasted On Twitter — See All The Best Reactions!

Eish san! Uncle Waffles hasn’t healed yet but she already knows that she made a HUGE mistake, thanks to Twitter.

The female DJ recently got inked and gosshhh…it’s horrible review after horrible review. On Thursday, ink artist Vanity debuted the female DJ’s newest piece to Instagram (above) featuring one of her songs Tanzania.

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Uncle Waffle’s inked the words Deo volente on her upper stomach. So the artist went ahead and explained the meaning of the words in his caption writing: “Deo volente
/ˌdeɪəʊ vɒˈlɛnteɪ/ adverb. God willing; if nothing prevents it. Something of significance for @unclewaffles_.


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Well unfortunately for her, her tattoo hasn’t gone down well with her fans.

See some of the most savage and hilarious reactions Twitter had to offer (below):

Bophelo ke tattoo ya Uncle Waffles

— diet coke (@compaqlow) May 26, 2022

Also, I didn’t even realize this was uncle waffles. Ngathi uPhindile osebenza esalon https://t.co/l1brUGMPS9

— Zama♡Swazi (@swazikush) May 26, 2022

I so wish uncle waffles called Lee Khuzwayo about that tattoo placement bc chile

— Sam (@Siphokazi_mt) May 26, 2022

imagine you read uncle waffles’ tattoo mid groove while adiwele is playing and you turn into a pigeon like some Harry Potter shit

— kitty – 貓咪 (@__tumithabethe) May 26, 2022

Not Unclewaffles tattooing dear “Dear Violence”. pic.twitter.com/aWkR49or18

— Zulu Problem Child (@ZuluProblemChld) May 27, 2022

1) the quality is questionable
2) how and where the artist decided to place the tattoo is questionable
3) did she look through the guys profile?? Abo ink city bona?

If it wasn’t the management fee now it’s the tattoo, guys is she acting out of her own will? I’m worried now

— Umfana yena uthini? (@bewildered_Ano) May 26, 2022

How are you guys sure this is uncle waffles?
I am refusing to believe it’s her. This doesn’t look like her. Also she would have made that “amathousand face” this is not her. She would have chosen a better font because what will Drake say now.

— Pabi M of Ka Lerato Gift shop (@PabaleloMosima) May 27, 2022

That Uncle waffles tattoo ngathi it’s typed from Microsoft Word

With Algerian font in bold with size 72 pt

— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) May 26, 2022

they saying Unclewaffles tattood “Deodorant” on herself with those graphic fonts from Microsoft Word

— mzekezeke (@SubzWylin) May 27, 2022

So, what do U think of his new ink??


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