The Wife’s Siyabonga Shibe Faces Arrest After Fleeing With Borrowed Car

The Wife’s Siyabonga Shibe Faces Arrest After Fleeing With Borrowed Car

Siyabonga Shibe’s flaunting ways have come back to haunt him! Well, as you might know, most of these celebrities live to impress their fans and friends by flashing a lavish lifestyle that they can’t even afford.

Women are better as they depend on blessers but for men, it becomes a life of borrowing property and clothes. This is the case with The Wife’s star who also wanted to flaunt a flash car and ended up not leaving up to the terms of the agreement he entered into with the owner.

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Let’s start right from the beginning, shall we? Three weeks ago, Businessman and musician Bhar, whose real name is Sfiso Mshengu lent Shibe his seven-seater Toyota Rumion to use.

Siyabonga was supposed to use the car for a week and then return it. The singer said that after a week, the actor refused to return the car until he requested that his tracking company tow it back to him.

The car had clocked 10,000km, had missed a scheduled service, and had dents and scratches on the back bumper when it was returned.

Now that left him with no choice but to open a case of using a vehicle without the owner’s consent. Sfiso Mshengu opened the case at Durban Central police station on Monday night after the actor refused to return his keys.

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“After a week, Siyabonga started being arrogant to me. I gave him this car out of trust. Whenever I asked him to return my car, he would arrogantly tell me that he will pay me. To me it was not about money because I know Siyabonga and we come from the same area. I gave him my car because he wanted my help.”

Const Thenjiswa Ngcobo, provincial police spokesperson, confirmed that the case had been opened and was still being investigated.

The singer, who owns two cars for a living, stated that he intended to use the car at the Hollywoodbets Durban July event. “I wanted my car so bad last week because everyone was at the [Durban July] and people needed hired cars. I had to get the car back using a tracking company because I needed it for business. I started this business because I was hit hard by Covid-19.”

When asked for comment, Siyabonga stated that he was surprised that Bhar had opened a case against him. “I was not aware that there is an existing case opened against me. I told him I will give back his car keys. I can’t believe that he opened a case already.

“I said I will give him his money. When I borrowed the car we did not have a deadline. I was supposed to have the car the whole month. Even the payment did not have an expiry date.”

Meanwhile his dear friend insists that it was never about the money but trust. The actor is also denying causing damages to the car. “I am not the one who caused those dents and Bhar knows that. As a result I gave him the contacts of the person who caused the dents,” Siyabonga said in conclusion.

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