Six-Year-Old Girl Raped By Staff Member On School Grounds

Six-Year-Old Girl Raped By Staff Member On School Grounds

Parents at a school in Gqeberha’s northern suburbs are outraged after a member of staff allegedly raped a six-year-old girl. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, has sent shockwaves throughout the country.

According to local reports, the Grade R student went to the restroom at Machiu Primary School earlier this week. The suspect then pounced on her in the stalls, committing a heinous act of sexual violence against his defenseless victim.

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Because of the brutality of the crime, the young learner has been hospitalized. Understandably, the local community is spitting feathers. On Thursday, a group of parents protested outside the Gqeberha school, demanding that it be closed immediately.

At the school gates, tempers flared and emotions ran high as staff members were confronted by a swarm of enraged mothers and fathers. The mood of the community is laid bare in a short video posted online, and the demand for swift justice is now non-negotiable.

Parents at Machiu Primary in Salt Lake, Gqeberha have entered the school grounds and are demanding that the school be closed. This as a six-year-old Kwazakhele girl recovers in hospital after allegedly being raped by a general worker at the school.


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The man accused of this heinous crime works as a general worker at the school. Colonel Priscilla Naidu, a police spokesperson, has since confirmed that a case has been registered with SAPS in Gqeberha, but parents and caregivers remain concerned, given that the accused was still ‘on duty’ when the report was filed. It’s no surprise that locals are outraged…

a 6 year old girl from Machiu primary school in PE was raped on the school grounds 💔 our girls are safe nowhere , how are you supposed to raise a child in this country without constant fear?

— littlebodybigheart (@princesssmeera) August 18, 2022

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