She Did Her Dirty? Fans React To Mihlali Posting Bonang Matheba’s Pic Without Filter

She Did Her Dirty? Fans React To Mihlali Posting Bonang Matheba’s Pic Without Filter

According to the social media streets, Bonang Matheba is slowly becoming Dorothy and it looks like we’re yet to know her real age. The alleged House of BNG founder found herself trending after a pic without filter made its way to the internet.

Tweeps went on to quickly compare her pic with that of former public protector and advocate Thuli Madonsela’s and at this point, we ain’t disputing anything. Just a look at it yourself below:

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— ChrisExcel (@ChrisExcel102) June 5, 2022

Now, these pics stirred a huge debate online, with many reasoning why is the alleged 34-year-old woman all wrinkled and looking like a person who’s almost 20-years-older than her.

That was just the beginning, it was later discovered that Mihlali was actually the one who posted the viral pic.  Slik Talk, a YouTuber, and others are now accusing Mihlali of acting shady by posting the photo “on purpose.”

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As you know him by now, he went on and made fun of Bonang’s physical appearance in his latest YouTube video. He said: “Why is Bonang looking like a secondhand 2005 Toyota Corolla?

“What happened for you to look like you’re pushing 60? Like a 60-year-old granny. And that’s not normal Bonang is looking crusty, old, and beat-down. Like she wants to give it up and end it all”.

And then he focused on Mihlali, whom he claims was “trying to prove a point.”  “I think Mihlali did that on purpose. She wanted to prove to Bonang that she is getting old and her time is moving on.

“Mihlali was like: ‘Is this your queen? The person you look up to? I’m the new chick now’”

This is how the rest of Tweeps reacted:

Mihlali is that friend who will post a group picture where only she alone looks good. She did Bonang wrong shem.

— Charlize Mane (@TablecharmG) June 6, 2022

My cousin and I are no longer talking because she came to see me at work and took a very ugly picture of me without me know and posted it. I asked her to remover it and she didn’t. That was the end of our relation. Mihlali did bonang dirty periodttttt

— Tumisang (@TumisangMo) June 6, 2022

I hate that I have to agree with Slik Talk. Mihlali did Queen B wrong and she did it on purpose. As an influencer you scrutinize everything you post, every detail and she missed this very big detail about ? Narr!!!

— Tswana hun (@Makobo13_) June 6, 2022

Mihlali is obv aware of her following and her influence so her posting Bonang like that was and is outta pocket.
I don’t care what typa interpersonal relationship they have.
H8 to see another woman doing another like this.

— Ms. Shirley (@shirleymvp_) June 6, 2022

I dont think bonang and Mihlali will click like they did before, after that stunt she did of posting her, bonang hates being embarrassed to the public

— 2022 AFRICA (@2022AFRICA) June 6, 2022

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