Sgaxa! RHOD’s Londie London Moves Out Of Husband’s House Amid Cheating Allegations

Sgaxa! RHOD’s Londie London Moves Out Of Husband’s House Amid Cheating Allegations

When Real Housewives Of Durban star (RHOD) star said she knows Londie London’s husband, Hlubi Nkosi, from “the streets” we definitely smelled a rat! And now, it seems like the soft life provider and the heavily pregnant star have hit a rough patch.

Well, it’s really alarming knowing that things have gotten so bad that she had to move out of his house. What is scarier is having to imagine how Londie London behaved while Kim Kholiwe was in her shoes just about a year ago.

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Yes, y’all remember that story right? In case you missed it… apparently, in 2020 Kim moved in with Hlubi Nkosi and according to reports, she was pregnant at that time. Now Londie snatched him from her leading to her moving out of his house straight to the streets.

Fast Forward we’re now in May 2022 and Hlubi is allegedly expecting a child with Phumla M while Londie London is carrying their second child. She too is said to have moved out of his house. It is unclear why the singer moved out, but it might be as resulting of the businessman’s latest moves.

According to a source, Phumla M is set to become Nkosi’s second wife because they have been dating for two years. “He is obsessed with her [Phumla M]. They are always together. He even invited her to his surprise birthday party which was organised by Londie a few weeks back, at La Parada in Durban. When he found out that she was pregnant, he wanted her to keep the baby.”

Not only that, the reality star is said to have shared a room with Phumla at La Parada and Envy nightclub. “Phumla arrived with her sister and another friend, and they were seated at a table with Londie and her friends on the other side. Londie was wearing a red dress. She does not know Phumla, so she did not engage much with her. It was a nice setting,” said a source to the publication.

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“We were there with some of Londie’s friends, Hlubi’s friends and other influencers. Faith Nketsi-[Njilo] and her man, [Nzuzo] Njilo, were also there at the party,” the source continued.

Londie and Phumla, on the other hand, did not interact. “When she arrived at the club, she called Nkosi and told him that she was outside and he came out to fetch her. She sat at a different table and her bill was paid by the bartender, so she sat down and was enjoying her Champagne while Londie and her friends were at another table,” said a relative to the publication.

We feel so badly for Londie as all of this drama continues.

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