Sbahle Mpisane Reacts To Having Her Leg Amputated: “Niyanginyela”

Sbahle Mpisane Reacts To Having Her Leg Amputated: “Niyanginyela”

The Mpisane/Mkhize family is making it to the news quite often these days, especially aunty Sbahle. If she’s not meddling with Andile love life, she’s serving some exotic videos on her timeline.

Fortunately or not so fortunate this time, it’s something different. Sis is standing up for herself after she received ill advice from social media. As you may know, Sbahle was involved in a serious car accident in 2018 that sent her to the intensive care unit for months after fracturing several bones in her body and leaving her ankle boneless.

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Recently one of her followers sent her a private message suggesting that she amputate her leg, Sbahle questioned how she would feel if it happened to her, prompting a troll to support the idea.

She responded, saying that comments about how she should proceed with her healing journey had a significant impact on her depression. “F*ck the few actually for supporting what is being suggested to me… We all know that I’m beyond blessed to still manage to step on both my feet.

“I’m honestly not living to please people… You all do nothing more but to depress us with your unnecessary words. You all were the main fuel behind all my suicide attempts and yes you all still behind my tears in 2022,” she wrote.

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She continued in another post about not taking her blessings for granted. “I look beautiful without wearing heels. I am stronger than most people with ankle bones. I am more physically flexible without an ankle and yet you all think I am lacking benefits from what?”

Check the post out below:

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