SA Mint launches rhino coin

The South African Mint Company said it had launched rhino coins as part of its Big Five collectable series, after unveiling elephant and lion coins earlier this year.  

The coins are produced in limited quantities ranging from 500 to 2 000, depending on the demand, spokesperson for SA Mint Honey Mamabolo said.

“In the Big 5 range, we issue a new animal every six months. We are now in the second series of this coin range, where the design has been updated – we first issued the elephant, then the lion, the rhino, the leopard and lastly, the buffalo. 

“The 1oz (one ounce) gold rhino coin, for instance, has a limited edition or mintage of 500, while the smaller 1/4oz gold rhino coin has a limited edition of 2 000,” she said. 

The coins are produced from silver, gold and platinum.

“The Big 5 coins have changed the game for us and shifted our product portfolio to become the best-selling range, superseded only by the legendary Krugerrand. Anyone looking to cherish the natural heritage of our country and, indeed, the continent that the Big 5 coins represent, is our target market. The coins appeal to coin collectors, dealers, animal lovers and people looking for a special and memorable gift,” Mamabolo said.

The company, a subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank, has 120 years of experience in creating these limited-edition coins, which include the Krugerrand collection which carry images of the country’s national animal the springbok.   

“The coins are made in limited quantities. Especially for this popular range — the Big 5 —  we find ourselves with more demand than supply. We also forecast demand based on previous buyer trends and current economic factors, so we produce what our market needs,” said Mamabolo. 

The value of any collectable coin can only be appraised by a reputable coin dealer and depends on the type of metal used in its production. 

“Big Five coins retail from R1 300, while a 1oz gold Big 5 coin retails at around R45 000. We do not speculate on the second-hand market for coins, as we only sell newly minted coins. Factors that contribute to a coin’s value are the metal it is produced from: is it gold, silver, platinum. Its limited edition – so, how many were made or how rare is it. Its design – is the theme of the design a popular one?” said Mamabolo.

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