Police Warn Of ‘WhatsApp Hijacking Scam’

Police Warn Of ‘WhatsApp Hijacking Scam’

Police have issued a warning about a new scam that involves the theft of people’s WhatsApp accounts.

According to police, you will receive an SMS from someone claiming that they accidentally sent you a six-digit code. They will request that you share that code as soon as possible.

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“Hello, I’m sorry I sent you a six-digit code by SMS by mistake. Can you transfer it to me? It’s urgent.”

According to police, if you receive an SMS with a six-digit code, you should not share it with anyone.

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If you send that code to a scammer, they will be able to access your WhatsApp account. Maintain the security of your WhatsApp account by enabling two-step authentication.

Furthermore, police recommend that you block that person from contacting you again and report that number to WhatsApp so that they can have that account suspended.

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