Ntando Duma Is Totally Naked In Her Dress! Leaving Tongues Wagging

Ntando Duma Is Totally Naked In Her Dress! Leaving Tongues Wagging

‘Here comes a Zodwa Wabantu that went to private school’! Ntando Duma is a crystal contradiction at the 2022 DStv Mzansi Viewers Choice Awards. The actress whose bad acting is always the talk of town decided to wear so little!

On on hand, gurl showed off basically everything in an almost completely transparent dress. On the other, the dress was so long we couldn’t even see her shoes, hmmm. Some South Africans don’t appreciate all that nudity, especially on national television, but a lot of gents were caught salivating.

Ntando might want to slow as we’re still in Africa! Let’s have a look at her dress before heading to comments, shall we?

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Ntando Duma Is Totally Naked Under Her Dress Leaving Tongues Wagging

Here’s what the social media street said:

#DStvMVCA Ntando Duma is naked on national tv pic.twitter.com/uXyU4vkiDT

— Analyser (@DustSamuel) June 25, 2022

#NtandoDuma Ntando Duma is disrespecting the whole nation pic.twitter.com/Rop7cxiDt1

— Tidimalo Msimango (@MaloLiverpool) June 25, 2022

I knew Ntando Duma was going to trend because y’all are obsessed with nudity and sex. Y’all praise naked people more than talented people. Y’all hype everything in this country. #DStvMVCA

— The Voice (@MandelaSoldUs) June 25, 2022

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“Aowa atla aba stlaela”
My grandmother is very disappointed with Ntando Duma #DStvMVCA pic.twitter.com/N5mHXfXHKP

— Ngwanakadikgaseng (@Karabo_Rasseala) June 25, 2022

What nonsense is Ntando Duma wearing? she just wanted to show us a glimpse of #DStvMVCA pic.twitter.com/mhJMj5lgxh

— GAOLATLHE ? (@Fortune__R) June 25, 2022

Ntando Duma hasn’t been trending for a while she needed something to get her to trend thus why she opted for this dress code, we celebrities do it all the time.

— Collen (@Collen_KM) June 25, 2022

Ntando Duma’s dignity has been restored #DStvMVCA pic.twitter.com/1ixKPnDpuz

— #PutSouthAfricansFirst (@Bongani__Selepe) June 25, 2022

Nothing wrong with Ntando Duma’s dress…she has a nice body & South Africa should get with times. https://t.co/7ze5Mlcpyb

— Katlego Maureen Mogodi (@Katlego_mm_) June 26, 2022

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