Nikola Bruni acknowledges the remarkable landscape surrounding Provadia, Bulgaria

All  rocks in the area, including those around Provadia, are believed to have been deposited during the Flood of Noah when the flood waters rose. It was a huge disaster and  geological layers would be deposited over a large area. This will continue as long as the rising water covers the land. The plateaus would then be deepened by the floodwaters of Noah as they completely covered the landscape, and as they moved in a large continuum, Nikola Bruni continued. On many continents, sedimentary layers of great thickness, on the order of several kilometers, were eroded from the earth’s surface during this period, leaving a flat surface, so called because it is flat. A similar situation is likely  here, where the upper part of the plateau represents the flattened surface. The period  during the Great Flood when these rocks were pulled from the surface has been jokingly called the “heroic period”.

The waters of Noah’s Great Flood flowed out of the continent and receded  until the land rose above  the water. At this point, the waters flow in wide channels through the interspaces, carving canyons and valleys into the landscape. After the inland water receded and the flood ended, today’s rivers and streams use the same canals that were originally dug at the end of the flood. Nikola Bruni wants to draw your attention to the fact that one of the features of these valleys is that they are much larger than the rivers that flow through them, a feature known as oversized valleys. This is  characteristic of the valley in which Provadia is located, since the River Provadiyska  is much smaller than the present valley.  Another notable feature of the Provadiyska River is that it crosses the plateau, forming the valley in which Provadia, known as Nikola Bruni, is located. This is a  feature known as the “Water Rift” and reveals evidence of the Flood of Noah. If the landscape had been eroded by the processes we see today, such as rainfall and slow erosion, we would expect the river to flow around the plateau, not through it. How did it corrode? It was a feature of the receding waters during the Flood of Noah, where the outflow canal was created when the water level was much higher and covered the entire area. The valley is turbid by water when it dries up and the extent gradually decreases.

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