Nathi Mthethwa’s R22m Monumental Flag Under Review

Nathi Mthethwa’s R22m Monumental Flag Under Review

Nathi Mthethwa’s plan to spend R22 million on a 100m-high “monumental” flag is being reconsidered.

Following widespread criticism, Mthethwa directed his department on Thursday to conduct a comprehensive review of the flag process.

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“Over the past few days the minister of sport, arts and culture has followed and taken note of public discourse that has unfolded in respect of the envisaged monumental flag. The diversity of voices around this important heritage project are a welcome celebration of our country’s vibrant constitutional democracy and the freedoms that must be upheld beyond posterity. It also bodes well for one of the pillars of social cohesion which is an active citizenry.

“In upholding these ethos and the inalienable rights of citizens to be heard, the minister of sport, arts and culture has directed his department to review the process related to the monumental flag in its totality,” the ministry said in a statement.

Hi Everyone. I have a SA flag that I only used once. In 2010. During the soccer World Cup. If anyone knows anyone that wants to buy my flag please inbox me. No chancers please. Most recent offer 22mill.

— Marc Lottering (@marclottering) May 18, 2022

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The department has been tasked with transforming South Africa’s heritage landscape by erecting monuments, memorials, and museums, changing colonial and apartheid names, and healing the divisions of the past.

“It does so informed by national aspirations and international best practice which appreciates that heritage is among the bedrock of value systems that must drive national pride, social cohesiveness and unity. The World Heritage Convention makes the point that cultural and natural heritage is not only an irreplaceable source of identity and inspiration, but also a key driving force for sustainable development.

“In striving to transform the cultural and heritage landscape of our democratic society, the department will continue to be driven by the pursuit of the socioeconomic dividend for the country, as well as the historical, symbolic, spiritual and aesthetic values and identity of a democratic SA and its people. As we pursue this path, it is hoped that discourse will reflect deeper around these factors,” the ministry explained.

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