Murflicks Teases A Collaboration With The SABC

Murflicks Teases A Collaboration With The SABC.

Murflicks, a new streaming service, has hinted that it is in talks with the South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) about licensing the commission’s local content.

Murflicks, which announced in July that it would launch in August 2022, insists that the launch date remains unchanged, with the only difference being that Murflicks Nigeria will also launch in August.

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SurgeZirc SA learned Friday that the Video On Demand service was in early stage talks with the SABC, which it believes can provide it with real local content. Xoliswa Magidigidi Zewas, the company’s acting CEO, did not respond definitively to questions about whether Murflicks will approach other broadcasting companies for program licensing, such as eTV and DSTV.

Xoliswa stated last month that the company was open to collaborating with investors interested in investing in the digital streaming sectors. When asked if any funds had been raised thus far, she stated, “It doesn’t appear that we have too many local capital ventures with the capacity to look at the ‘Ask’ of Murflicks, but we are talking with some foreign investors and we hope that something will come up soon, but we are going all the way ahead. Investors, whether local or international, will meet us on the way.”

Murflicks, which promised subscribers 92 percent local content, said it will not charge subscription rates in foreign currency to avoid high fees.

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One of Murflicks’ main competitors Netflix has since reported a decline in subscriptions in Africa, particularly in Nigeria, where analysts blame subscription charges in dollars and a decline in the African continent’s most populous nation’s economy as the reason.

According to Murflicks, the issues responsible for Netflix’s decline in the continent are not dissimilar to the reasons China denied the streaming giant access to its market. “Murflicks will provide solutions to those issues,” an insider said.

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