More Drama! Andile Mpisane Wants DNA Tests On Sithelo’s Children

More Drama! Andile Mpisane Wants DNA Tests OnB Sithelo’s Children

What a mess! Less than eight months since secretly getting hitched — drama is unfolding in Andile Mpisane’s life and he’s now questioning the paternity of the two children he brought to this world out of wedlock with his ex-girlfriend, Sithelo Shozi.

In case you missed it: Sithelo took to Instagram to expose the 21-year-old of physical and emotional abuse saying at a point she was beaten in front of his family. As expected, his rich mom, Mamkhize came to defend him through a statement saying the family wasn’t aware of any physical abuse between the two.

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Hawu! Surprisingly just after she issued the statement, there comes a protection order which apparently Andile opened against Sithelo. Obviously, the mother of three came prepared for war, she went on to deny the protection order saying the Mkhize/Mpisane family bought it.

Taking to social media, Sithelo rubbished the protection order that claims she was also abusive to Andile Mpisane. In her words, she has claimed that this protection order is bought and very smells yesterday, implying that it is new and recent. “Let’s not forget that money can buy you a protection order in less that 24hrs,” she wrote.

More Drama! Andile Mpisane Reportedly Wants DNA Tests For Sithelo’s Children

Well, now this was the beginning of their drama. Recall that when the two separated the were rumours that Andile is questioning the paternity of their second child? Hmmm… and now it’s no longer just the second child but they also want paternity of the first child who very much looks like Mamkhize.

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In a letter sent to Sithelo, the rich footballer demanded paternity either tomorrow (Monday) or Wednesday. It is said that she has been cheating all throughout their relationship.

“Our client has in recent past requested that you both take paternity (DNA) tests in respect of Baby Flo and Baby Coco to lay to rest the old rumours of infidelity on your part during the time when the kids were conceived, and instead of addressing our client’s genuine request, you opted to divert attention from the real issues at hand by throwing up allegations of abuse against our client,” the letter from the attorneys reads in part.

“To that end, our client will not be distracted by your sideshows and has secured an appointment with the laboratory to perform the aforesaid tests on the 11th or the 13th of July 2022…kindly refrain from your continued attacks and insults on our client’s mother and direct any communication to our offices.”

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