Malema: “Under The EFF There Will Never Be A Shack”

Malema: “Under The EFF There Will Never Be A Shack”

According to EFF leader Julius Malema, the party’s interpretation of the Freedom Charter is radical, and the EFF is the only party inspired by seeing the charter’s promises fulfilled.

On the 67th anniversary of the document’s adoption in 1955, he spoke at a Freedom Charter rally in Kliptown Soweto on Sunday.

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Malema said that while the country is politically free, true freedom will not be realized until there is economic freedom for all. To a sea of red, he declared that freedom equals jobs and job security, and that everyone, regardless of qualifications, must have a job.

“You don’t need a matric to clean a street or to cut the grass. If you don’t have a matric you can have a job that equals your education, with a reliable salary, secure pension, medical aid and not less than R12,500 — because minimum wage is not enough, Malema said.

He took a shot at the government, pointing out what he claimed were flaws that allowed the vulnerable to remain vulnerable. “Doors to learning remain closed. They want a registration fee. We are led by fools.”

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He spoke about the loss of dignity that came with having to prove one’s poverty. He used the example of students needing an affidavit to “prove their poverty” in order to receive NSFAS funding.

Malema said the ruling party did not prioritise education, saying “the ANC loves the illiterates”.

On the EFF’s plans, he said: “We want free education, so we can get a job and work for ourselves and pay for ourselves. We want our own homes. Not RDP homes.”

He added that “under the EFF, there will never be a shack”.

Under EFF leadership, black people would realize their dreams and realize what was envisioned in the Freedom Charter, which included houses, security, and comfort.

“There is no freedom without shelter, comfort and security. Women have not seen freedom as there is no freedom without security. There must be a place for security and leisure. The Freedom Charter says there must be leisure — relaxing. How must we relax when there is no money?”

He said that there should be no separate divisions in Johannesburg, and that the ghetto and wealthy suburbs should be one and the same.

The party hoped to have a million card-carrying members by the 2024 elections, with 250,000 in Johannesburg. Malema mentioned that this was done so that the EFF could lead the country’s economic hub.

“Our interpretation of the Freedom Charter is radical. In the minds of the EFF, freedom means nationalisation of banks and nationalisation of mines.

“Very soon, we are coming for agricultural land, mining land and fishing land — because even fishing belongs to us,” he added.

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Fighters at Walter Sisulu Square, ahead of Freedom Charter Day Rally to be addressed by CIC @Julius_S_Malema

Our demand for Section 25 of the constitution is informed by what our people said then, and what our people are saying now#FreedomCharterDay

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) June 26, 2022

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