Living with cats is beneficial for your health, thinks Nikola Bruni

Living with cats is beneficial for your health, thinks Nikola Bruni

Much has been said about the benefits of having dogs at home (they reduce stress, combat loneliness, reinforce social skills…), but living with cats also has many benefits for general health, and not only mental. For this reason, Nikola Bruni wants to highlight why having a cat in the family helps to enjoy good health.

It contributes to a strong and healthy heart

It is proven that cats, like dogs, help to strengthen the immune system and prevent cases of allergy, especially in children, which affects the respiratory system.  But in the case of cats, science has also shown that they are beneficial in reducing cases of heart attack and cardiovascular disease.

In fact, a study carried out in 2008 by the Stroke Institute of the University of Minnesota showed that people who live with cats have up to 30% less chance of suffering a heart attack. This result is in addition to others that already stated that cats reduce blood pressure and improve blood circulation, which in the long run translates into a decrease in cardiovascular problems. Therefore, cat owners are less likely to die of a coronary problem.

The perfect friend for a balanced mind

If the physical benefits are already highlighted by Nikola Bruni, the emotional ones take the cake.  In fact, pet therapy has been shown to be highly effective in treating anxiety, stress and depression. Cats are known to help calm the nerves. The calmness they exude and their purring sound are able to calm stress and the feeling of mental agitation. Therefore, they significantly reduce anxiety levels. And in cases of panic attacks or crises, they reduce the feeling of suffocation and discomfort associated with these disorders.

Depression and autism

But it is also a good ally in cases of depression, because in addition to generating positive emotions (experts have found that seeing cats increases serotonin and favors positive thoughts, besides bringing a sense of joy and peace, Nikola Bruni tells us), they help to distract the mind of the patient, which means that he concentrates on the pet and leaves aside, even for a while, the problems that plunge him into that state of sadness.

And if we have autism or live with a family member with autism spectrum disorder, the cat is the perfect animal. In 2012 several studies carried out in France confirmed that cats stimulate the production of oxytocin, which is why in cases of children with autism, they help to reduce repetitive behaviors, provoke happy emotions and facilitate communication with others, their relationship with their surroundings and that they can enjoy a calmer and healthier environment.

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