Lindiwe Zulu Believes Zimbabweans ‘Should Be In Their Home Country’

Lindiwe Zulu Believes Zimbabweans ‘Should Be In Their Home Country’

According to TimesLive, Lindiwe Zulu, Chairperson of the ANC’s subcommittee on international relations, stated during a party policy discussion that Zimbabweans should not be South Africa’s responsibility.

On Monday, various party policy documents were addressed in the discussion. Zulu discussed a document titled “In pursuit of progressive internationalism in a changing world.” The attitudes of the ANC toward international relations are reflected in this document.

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Zulu’s remarks about Zimbabweans in South Africa have sparked widespread concern. She was reported to have said: “​​When it comes to the issue of Home Affairs, you were saying maybe we are sending Zimbabweans back to starve. As the ANC, we believe all countries need to take responsibility for their citizens.”

People are concerned that her remarks will intensify the country’s xenophobic sentiment. According to an Amnesty International report, migrants from Mozambique and Zimbabwe do not feel safe in South Africa.

This report states that this is because of “constant harassment from both the police and anti-migrant vigilante groups, who unlawfully demand to see their identity documents.”

Furthermore, according to New Zimbabwe, this is not the first time Zulu has addressed xenophobia in South Africa. Her statements have enraged Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF, over the years.

“Where is the dignity in all the Zimbabweans who are here?” Zulu said in 2020 while speaking about journalistic malpractice in the country, as reported by eNCA.

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Zulu’s latest remarks come at a critical time for Zimbabweans in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs has maintained its decision not to renew the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit for Zimbabweans working in this country.

Many people will be put in jeopardy as a result of this decision. This is because many Zimbabweans choose to come to South Africa to escape the economic hardships they face in their home country.

Finally, Zulu’s words may only serve to amplify the troubling trend of xenophobia.

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