Julius Malema Calls On Cyril Ramaphosa To Step Aside

Julius Malema Calls On Cyril Ramaphosa To Step Aside

EFF leader Julius Malema has demanded that President Cyril Ramaphosa resign immediately so that police can investigate plenty of charges levelled against him, including kidnapping, defeating the ends of justice, and bribery.

Malema told the media today at the Winnie Madikizela-Mandela House in Johannesburg that Ramaphosa conspired with Namibian President Hage Geingob to apprehend thieves who stole an estimated R60 million in foreign currency.

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This follows the filing of criminal charges at the Rosebank police station by former State Security Agency head Arthur Fraser, as well as a 48-page affidavit pleading with the SAPS to investigate the multimillion-dollar Phala Phala farm scandal linked to Ramaphosa.

“The EFF calls upon Ramaphosa to step aside with immediate effect because no policeman will investigate a sitting president who has violated laws in order to avoid justice. Ramaphosa has established himself as an individual who will go to great lengths to avoid accountability and his continued stay as a president while this matter is being investigated will jeopardise this case.

“The EFF has also assembled a legal team which will be led by Advocate Thembeka Ngcukaitobi to look into a constitutional provision to have Ramaphosa step aside.

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“The integrity of our nation is at stake. The EFF will do everything in its power to make sure that Ramaphosa pays for the crimes he has committed in this country. Ramaphosa has portrayed himself as an anti-corruption crusader who has the divine right and entitlement to arrest anyone who is opposed to him as an individual and to the white capitalist establishment. Enough is enough!” said Malema.

The affidavit described the trespassing and housebreaking, as well as the arrest and torture of the suspects and the involvement of Presidential Protection Services head Major Wally Roode.

The red berets leader said that having different rules and laws for different people was bad for the country. “When Thandi Modise said she was not there when her pigs starved to death she was still arrested and charged. Today, we are not talking about animal rights, but human rights of people who were tortured in the house of the president through the instruction of the president,” said Malema, answering media questions.

Malema claimed Ramaphosa was unable to open an investigation because millions of dollars were hidden in mattresses and couches at the Phala Phala farm. “There is no bodyguard in South Africa who can enter the house of a president and torture suspects. Bodyguards do not enter the house, they stay outside. They only come in due to invitation. They cannot torture a domestic worker without instruction from the president.

“The president took an oath to protect the Constitution. Why did the president not release a statement? He has to take South Africans into confidence. They want to conceal this crime because there are proceeds of crime. Kunesandla semfene. There is something going on there that we need to get to the bottom of,” he said.

Malema lambasted one media outlet for asking questions unrelated to the Ramaphosa scandal.

The EFF leader warned that media outlets that continued to defend Ramaphosa risked being sanctioned by the political party in the future.

The EFF leader also issued a stern warning to those who want to portray Fraser as a factionalist rather than a whistleblower. “I want to warn the president. There is more. There is more where money in dollars is counted in a plane. Let them continue to push Fraser. There is more.

The EFF leader warned that media outlets that continued to defend Ramaphosa risked being sanctioned by the political party in the future. “The arrest of the Guptas might just be a diversion. The State wrote its own letter and put its own bullet to claim there are threats against the director-general. When the public did not buy that story then they now say the Guptas have been arrested,” said Malema.

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