Heartbreaking! Lerato Kganyago’s Husband Beat Her Up During Insta Live!?

Heartbreaking! Lerato Kganyago’s Husband Beat Her Up During Insta Live!?

It seems like Lerato Kganyago has been through a lot, especially when it come to her romantic life. Ever since she got married the radio personality has been slightly disconnected from most of her friends.

And from the look of things, if sis ain’t at work, she’s at home trying to play happy families with her alleged fraudster husband. But we can’t say that her being at home is completely her choice. Just recently, Lerato shocked her fans leading them to confirm that their suspicions of her being in an abusive marriage are true.

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In the early hours of Friday Lerato went on Instagram Live and what we all heard was scary. During the Live seesion Lerato can be heard saying “Ya, It’s live, it’s live” in a trembling voice and a male voice responds “It’s fine” then calls out her name “Lerato, Lerato” then there is clapping and other odd sounds which some tweeps say, it sounds like she’s running.

Let’s listen to some parts of the live below:

Full video of Lerato Kganyago’s live on YouTube https://t.co/UZD0VXO9jc 😳😳 pic.twitter.com/WOQXoDNvPw

— Boldly_Owamie (@Boldly_Owamie) August 26, 2022

something had happen by b.l’s live this morning. pic.twitter.com/JRjW9v367T

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) August 26, 2022

A lot of people took to social media to raise their concerns as it did sound like she was in fear and  she was smacked. But sis came back a few hours later, to defend her alleged loving husband saying she accidentally went on live earlier, while pretending to go live with her dogs in a playful conversation with her partner while getting ready to start the day.

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“The phone fell off behind the dresser, tried to reach it, that’s where you hear the moving of furniture, clapping of the hands was for the dogs, to get them out the room. I’m so sorry I got you worried. I’m okay, promise.”

Heartbreaking! Lerato Kganyago’s Husband Beat Her Up During Insta Live!?

Hmmm, but there were no sound of dogs… And shockingly Lerato didn’t pitch up for work(Metro FM show) that day.

SAns weren’t convinced by her explanation and  as we said they believe that she’s trying to protect her husband. Well, most domestic violence victims try to cover their abusers, so it would be nothing new.

I really hope Lerato Kganyago is okay🙏🏽.
If there’s someone that deserves better, it’s that girl man!
More than anything, I hope from their story, we learn to stop being enticed by surface level stuff 🌹. Things are not always as they seem!

— Boni.L (@Rebone_L) August 28, 2022

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Lerato Kganyago 😭💔

— Karabo M (@karabom____) August 27, 2022

One second unono is playing with her dogs, the next she’s chasing them out of the room. Why because she’s playing with them?
“Partner”? Are they not married?
Kuningi nje

— Kaye (@MacKhayee) August 26, 2022

How does one accidentally go live when they were pretending to go live?

Makes no sense.

— Keletso R🦋🇿🇦 (@KeletsoR_) August 26, 2022

She’ll come back months later, saying he abused her. Mara athi ngithule. pic.twitter.com/bAo09SNBLr

— Amahle (@Kacey_CI) August 26, 2022

A man and his daughter were walking in the forest…

— Lee4Real (@Lee4Real2) August 26, 2022

Hmmm… What’s your take SurgeZirc readers?

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