Faith Nketsi’s Husband Goes Broke, Furniture Repossessed As She Lies In Public Hospital

Faith Nketsi’s Husband Goes Broke, Furniture Repossessed As She Lies In Public Hospital

Last we heard, Faith Nketsi and her husband‘s financial situation was getting pretty dire, but according to her latest legal claims, things are on the verge of taking a really scary turn for the worse.

Must say, this is a long time coming! Remember how the two pretended to have bought a rented Range Rover just for social media likes? Well, now their dirty laundry and pretense life has been aired in public.

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Hmmm, where do we start? Is it with her being admitted to a public hospital or her house furniture being repossessed? So, according to reports, Faith gave birth at a private hospital but was later asked to leave because she couldn’t pay the bill. She then had no choice but to settle for a government hospital.

It was also revealed that Faith and Sky left the private medical facility on Friday, 19 August and they are now being treated at Pretoria’s Steve Biko Academic Hospital. The extended hospital stay is due to the baby’s ill health. It’s with sadness to say that it was revealed that she has pneumonia.

it’s been a week since faith nketsi-njilo and nzuzo welcomed their daughter sky njilo. i also heard that yesterday they were asked to leave the private hospital and they are now at steve biko academic hospital in pretoria because they could no longer afford private hospital fees.

— Musa Khawula (@MusaKhawula) August 20, 2022

Their troubles don’t just end there. It’s so unfortunate that by the time Faith Nketsi and the baby are discharged from the public hospital, they won’t be any chairs to sit on back home as the Sheriff has repossessed their furniture.

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City Press reports that the same Friday that Faith was asked to leave the hospital, sheriff came knocking on their door where they met her husband, Nzuzo Njilo. The debt collectors went to collect his furniture for failing to pay off debt worth close to R1 million.

And that’s when he decided to tell the truth and pleaded that he was living in poverty. According to reports, Bazuka Attorneys was granted a high court order in July to attach his movable properties, with the proceeds going toward repaying the R978 104 debt.

A source close to the couple said the sheriff only recovered R35 000 in household movable goods, including beds, a fridge, couches, television sets, and a microwave.

Wololo… Phela this is the same person that made headlines in June when it was revealed that in March, he defrauded the owners of Lund Industries by purchasing copper concentrate that he never delivered.

He was charged with fraud after sending Lund Industries fake payment proof. He is scheduled to appear in Randburg Magistrates’ Court on October 4th.

Too bad, so sad. We’ll have to wait and see if their survives this one.

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