Expert Thinks DJ Zinhle Parenting Style Hurt Her Relationship With Murdah Bongz

Expert Thinks DJ Zinhle Parenting Style Hurt Her Relationship With Murdah Bongz

Say whatttt??? Do people really think DJ Zinhle‘s parenting style is ruining her relationship with Murdah Bongz?! From all indications, this will end in tears.

A high-profile child-raising whiz is speaking out about that possibility with a shocking new argument. This analysis comes right after the DJ partied with her baby daddy, AKA for their daughter 7th birthday celebration.

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As if that wasn’t enough she went to bond with the rapper’s current girlfriend Nadia Nakai. The two ladies were seen on Friday night at Rockets; Bryanston hugging each other. Zinhle even brushed Nadia’s weave, we bet if she had acted based on how she really felt she would have pulled it out.

Also, remember that not so long ago social media went bananas when she wished both her baby daddies a happy father’s day. Yeyi aboZinhle!

Parenting expert Kirsty wrote a piece for SurgeZirc SA on Saturday in which she argues Zinhle’s “attachment parenting” style may have hampered the 38-year-old DJ’s relationship with the father of her child. Damn!!

In her piece, Kristy uses the Era By Zinhle founder’s own words to lay out the case. The parenting expert explains that the Umlilo hitmaker herself has given a hat tip to the attachment parenting theory before, claiming in one of her Tweets that she “didn’t plan it,” but the style “came naturally” and it’s just a normal blended family.

“In a nutshell, it is about constant physical closeness by both parents and being responsive to your child’s needs. The thinking is by attending to a baby’s needs in a responsive way, you help them feel safe and secure.”

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Ok and we guess being friends with your ex’s partner is one of those needs, right?

The parenting guru continued: “The core idea is a secure parent-child attachment, achieved by being sensitive and responsive, paves the way for their independence and secure relationships as an adult. It’s something all parents would want for their kids and, like Zinhle, feels natural, which is why it has become such a well-liked way to parent.”

Interesting isn’t it? The expert continued: “It has been shown to buffer the effects of parent stress on a child, which reduces the likelihood of emotional and behavioural problems as a result of these stresses, and it helps kids regulate their emotions more effectively — which may mean less tantrums. … It has been shown toddlers with a secure attachment score better in intelligence tests, and research babies who received skin-to-skin care in their first few weeks had better sleep patterns as they grew.”

Well but there’s some negative to this: “Some feel it can have a negative impact on their current relationships. Co-parenting can mean a parent needs to spend more time with her ex and her current partner may be detached, for instance, and may feel neglected, as Murdah Bongz did during Kairo’s birthday party.”

Clearly, the Black Motion star feels neglected in all of this and shame should he decide to walk away we won’t blame him.

Well, that’s just about it, but how do the Twitter streets feel about DJ Zinhle’s parenting style? Here’s what they had to say below:

I don’t understand this Dj Zinhle hate, So she’s hated for allowing her baby daddies to be present?

— SITHALE (@SithaleKgaogelo) July 9, 2022

Okay. We see that Nadia and DJ Zinhle video. Can we have a Murdah and AKA video?

— Zandile Mshololo is not my name. (@HlezaTory) July 9, 2022

No guys this is too much Zinhle doesn’t respect Murdah amanyala lawa

— Ta Willa (@willa_ta) July 9, 2022

Zinhle seems so happy around AKA, I hope she Murda Bong’s heart

— KellyJones10 (@jones10_kelly) July 9, 2022

Not Zinhle combing nadia’s hair than turn around to mind her business

— Nonkosi (@MAXCINELOVE) July 9, 2022

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