EC Woman’s (Namhla Mtwa) Gruesome Death Sparks Outrage, SAns Demand Justice

EC Woman’s Gruesome Death Sparks Outrage, SAns Demand Justice

The Eastern Cape South African Police Service (SAPS) has allegedly prioritized an investigation into Namhla Mtwa’s suspected murder. Mtwa was discovered dead inside her car in Mthatha in April, according to SAPS spokesperson Tembinkosi Kinana.

“The 35-year-old deceased Namhla Mtwa, was allegedly shot and murdered inside her car by an unknown suspect while she was arriving in her Sidwadwa based home in Mthatha. She sustained gunshot wounds in her upper body and was declared dead at the scene,” Kinana said.

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Lieutenant General Mene, the Eastern Cape Police Commissioner, has appointed a senior manager to oversee Mtwa’s murder investigation. According to SAPS, there has been regular contact between the detective in charge of the case and her family since then.

“Members of the family and the public are therefore assured that Namhla’s case is in the hands of capable and professionally trained detectives. With the support and response demonstrated by the community and various formations in every corner of our province and outside its borders, we are optimistic that a breakthrough in this particular case will be made.

“An appeal is also made that whoever possesses critical information that will add value to the work of the investigating team and further lead to the arrest of the suspect, should please share it with the lead investigator”

On social media, there has been a flood of reactions to Namhla Mtwa’s alleged murder. According to some, Mtwa was the victim of gender-based violence at the hands of her boyfriend.

Pics of a visibly bruised Mtwa have also circulated on Twitter. Those with firsthand knowledge of the situation claim she made the decision to end the relationship and that her boyfriend may have taken his abuse a little too far as a result. SAPS mentioned, supposedly in reference to this:

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“The SAPS appreciates the response of some members of the public who out of concern for issues relating to gender-based violence and femicide, approached the police with information. People are encouraged to continue sharing information with the SAPS to safeguard the investigation from potentially inaccurate information that may indirectly and inadvertently mislead the course of the ongoing and sensitive investigations.”

Meanwhile, the sister of the late Namhla Mtwa, Sanga Nozintathu Mtwa, got social media attention with her cry for help to get justice for her sister.

She said the victim was allegedly shot nine times as she entered her home on the 21st of April in Mthatha this year. Sanga alleges that her sister was abused by her boyfriend of 17 years.

She says she has shown evidence of the abuse to the police but nothing has been done.

Sanga has since distributed this evidence on social media platforms, asking South Africa for help.

“I need South Africa to help me find justice for my sister. I need this guy to answer why he did that to my sister. I am pleading with all South Africans to help. I will do whatever it takes for my sister to get justice. My sister wanted to leave the relationship but told us straight into our eyes that he’ll rather kill Namhla than to see her with another man and a month later my sister died,” says Sanga.

Singwa Namhla Mtwa, 35 was allegedly shot nine times by a hit man in her driveway in Mthatha on 21 April 2022. She died at the scene.

It is alleged that she got killed because she was trying to leave an abusive relationship. Fly high, Sister.
#justicefornamhla #aminext

— Women For Change (@womenforchange5) May 20, 2022

Why are his pictures not circulating? Why are there no hashtags with his name? This monster’s face must be every where. We hardly hear his name, but Namhla’s….#justicefornamhla

— Nelly (@Neliswa_Nelli) May 21, 2022

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