Duduzane Zuma Under Fire, As Zondo Recommends ‘Criminal Charges’

Duduzane Zuma Under Fire, As Zondo Recommends ‘Criminal Charges’

Regrettably for Duduzane Zuma, he has not emerged victorious from the state capture scandal. Raymond Zondo has lambasted the son of a former president, calling him a “conduit” for the Gupta brothers. A criminal investigation has also been launched against the businessman.

Duduzane has presidential ambitions, but based on this performance, the political newcomer will have a long road ahead of him to rebuild his reputation. Zuma Jnr was recently appointed as the ANC’s Durban branch chairperson, but whether he will retain the public’s trust remains to be seen.

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Zondo’s scathing verdict has put Duduzane Zuma on the spot. He believes the NPA should now pursue criminal charges against the Gupta associate on three fronts, including the following:

Facilitating and failing to act reports of corruption, after witnessing Tony Gupta’s attempts to bribe Mcebisi Jonas and Vusi Kona.
Activities relating to the Optimum Coal Mine, and the transition of power to the Gupta brothers.
Obtaining state contracts to the detriment of other competitors – particularly with the SABC.

In a big blow to Duduzane Zumas presidential ambitions, the Zondo report says the NPA should consider prosecuting Duduzane for activities relating to Gupta bribery. They should also prosecute him for activities relating to Optimum Coal Mine. #StateCaptureReport

— Goolam (@goolammv) June 23, 2022

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Raymond Zondo hasn’t held back in the final section of the State Capture Report. Even President Ramaphosa, who has a cordial relationship with the Chief Justice, comes in for a cursory review. Duduzane Zuma, on the other hand, goes a step further.

“Duduzane Zuma was a conduit between the Guptas and government, particularly his father. He took part in awarding contracts of SOEs to Gupta-linked companies. In several cases [he] was present when bribes were offered to individuals at the Guptas’ Saxonwold residence.”

“He must be investigated for any offence by facilitating acts of corruption or by facilitating bribes or by failing to report corruption that may have been committed in his presence by Mr Tony Gupta when he offered a bribe to Mr Mcebisi Jonas, Mr Mxolisi Dukwana and Mr Vusi Kona,” Raymond Zondo in the State Capture Report.

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