Carl Niehaus Lays Criminal Complaint Against Ramaphosa

Carl Niehaus Lays Criminal Complaint Against Ramaphosa

The African National Congress (ANC) is still trying to fight an internal campaign to get rid of its president, Cyril Ramaphosa.

Some members, including Ace Magashule’s ally Carl Niehaus, have also filed a criminal complaint against Ramaphosa. Meanwhile, Ramaphosa, who is also the president of South Africa, has yet to provide adequate details about the 2020 robbery at his Phala Phala farm in Limpopo.

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He has also refused to reveal how much money was stolen or what currency it was in. The president’s inability to reassure the country about the Phala Phala farm robbery has fueled the country’s curiosity.

According to some of his comrades, this is the perfect recipe for an attempt to remove him from power.

Petitions, posters, and letters abound, some of which are part of a disinformation campaign, with some urging the ANC policy conference to be transformed into a national general council (NGC).

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If granted, the NGC allows for a review of both its leaders and its policy approach. Those opposed to Ramaphosa want the step aside resolution repealed and him removed from office.

However, some in the party have dismissed these as threats to the ANC’s total collapse. A long-anticipated showdown, if indeed it does play out, will take place in Gauteng when the ANC meets for its policy conference in July.

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