Armed Robber Arrested Inside Home Affairs

Armed Robber Arrested Inside Home Affairs

After running into a Department of Home Affairs building in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, an armed robber ran out of luck this morning, Saturday, June 18th.

In order to avoid being arrested, the armed robber is believed to have entered the congested building and disguised himself as a customer.

According to a statement made by Mi7 National Group, a renowned security firm in the city, the suspect was pursued after robbing a pedestrian. “While on regular patrols in the Pietermaritzburg CBD, a Mi7 Reaction Officer was flagged down by a police officer outside the Department of Home Affairs on Church Street.”

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“The police officer said that a male suspect, allegedly armed, is believed to have robbed a pedestrian before running into Home Affairs, the statement read.

Their Reaction Officer instantly assisted the police officer in hunting down the culprit, according to the report. “The pair entered the building and informed guarding personnel on site of the incident, before combing through the building for the suspect – who they had a description of.”

The armed robber was eventually arrested after a lengthy search. He had a gas gun that looked like a CZ75 in his possession.

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The matter was handed over to the police for additional investigation, according to Mi7. “As management, we applaud the collaborative effort between the police and our reaction officers which led to the arrest. It is only by working together can we root out crime in our communities,” Mi7 management reacted.

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