AKA Reacts To Claims Of Ruining Nicole Nyaba’s Life

AKA Reacts To Claims Of Ruining Nicole Nyaba’s Life

From what we hear in the streets, it sounds like AKA has ruined a lot of ladies’ lives. We hope he’ll handle Nadia Nakai with care.

So, Nicole Nyaba has opened up about her “relationship” or “situationship” with the Fela In Versace hitmaker.  She described his character and how he allegedly ruined her life. Starting off her interview, she said AKA is a romantic man but said he is the “devil” who only cares about himself and no one else.

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“Now I want to say this you know, he is a romantic guy, but he’s a devil and he’s sneaky if you understand what I mean. Knowing what I know now, he’s not sincere, and he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Knowing what I know now I should’ve never trusted him, I should’ve never trusted him as a friend, as a lover, as anything,” said the social media influencer.

“I’m just saying for any girl out there you know, I’m not saying don’t be with him but just know what you expect. Yes you gonna get some who’s gonna open doors for you, send you nice messages, be romantic and stuff but being romantic doesn’t mean you love somebody, it doesn’t mean you care about them, it doesn’t mean you respect them, it doesn’t mean you wish good for them, it doesn’t mean it a mutual relationship.

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“He used my vulnerability at that time, and my kindness, and my acceptance, you know, he used all my good qualities and my virtues against me to do whatever he wants to do. There are certain things I could’ve accomplished since 2018 up until now and I couldn’t because he made it very impossible for me to even be around people.”

“He was just a waste of my life as in he cost me a lot, to this day I’m dealing with his bullsh*t, to this day people don’t know who I am, to this day people want to call me names, and say she is a gold digger, side chick, slay queen, city girl, and I am not about that, I’m a lover,” she said adding that she has proof of all the things she said.

Wow! Wow! Wow… Well, the rapper has retaliated and he sounded humble saying he that he’s surprised that sis still speaks about him after so many of separation. I’m fairly surprised that I’m the topic of discussion that Nicole would choose to be speaking about me especially because I haven’t heard from or spoken to her in over five years, but she’s a sweet girl and I wish her all the best,” he said to TshisaLive.

She could be looking for ways to revive her failed career and what better way is there to use one of SAs to rappers?

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