AfriForum: “Probe Gucci-wearing Malema For Perjury For Pleading Poverty”

AfriForum: “Probe Gucci-wearing Malema For Perjury For Pleading Poverty”

Lawyers for AfriForum launched a scathing attack on Julius Malema this week, accusing him of perjury in court. But how did the EFF leader’s Gucci shoes and suits become a point of contention?

The Equality Court is currently hearing a hate speech case between AfriForum and Malema. The red berets leader has been accused of ‘propagating divisions’ by repeatedly singing the controversial Kill The Boer song, which the prosecution wants to believe is hate speech.

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AfriForum wants Malema and his party to pay an R500,000 fine for their alleged transgressions, but the Red Berets are refusing. On Monday, it was argued in court that the EFF simply “does not have the money” to pay out half a million rand to anyone.

However, AfriForum’s supporters have slammed that claim. Malema’s attempt to plead poverty, according to the lobby group, was an act of perjury, given that the firebrand politician owns several designer items, including his infamous ‘Gucci shoes.’

Julius Malema’s lawyer, Advocate Mfesane Ka-Siboto, referred to the application, which stated that Malema and the EFF should bear the costs: He claimed that the court case ‘took too long’ and that much of the evidence ‘was without any merit.’

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AfriForum, on the other hand, isn’t about to let sleeping dogs lie. Advocate Oppenheimer reminded the Equality Court that Juju was testifying under oath and that lying about the EFF’s bank accounts would be a criminal offence.

Adv Oppenheimer argues that Malema should be charged for perjury, for testifying under oath that he has no money and that the EFF has no [email protected]

— Ernst Roets (@ErnstRoets) June 13, 2022

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