ActionSA Bans The Word ‘Comrades “We’re Not Thieves”

ActionSA Bans The Word ‘Comrades “We’re Not Thieves”

ActionSA, a newly formed political party that made a big impression during the 2021 Local Elections, has introduced a bizarre new policy. Herman Mashaba, the organization’s leader, confirmed on Monday that the word “comrades” has been banned across the board.

Although not a deal breaker for the party, ActionSA members will be discouraged from using the C-word when addressing their fellow party representatives. It’s a term frequently used by rivals in the ANC and EFF, which is essentially Mashaba’s point.

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According to the veteran politician, the term “comrades” has taken on new meaning in South Africa. He believes it primarily refers to the “thugs and thieves” who have ruled the country for the past three decades.

Mashaba, a zealous capitalist, despises the association of this word with communism. Instead, he has proposed a new term for his supporters, asking them to refer to one another as “Actioners.” Only time will tell if this becomes popular.

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“The term ‘comrades’ is banned in ActionSA.

‘Comrades’ are thugs and thieves. We are not communists.

In ActionSA, we are ‘Actioners’.” – @HermanMashaba

— ActionSA (@Action4SA) June 20, 2022

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