Action RPG ‘Project Eve’ Will Finally Debut In 2023 As ‘Stellar Blade’

Shift Up’s long-awaited Project Eve is almost here. The Korean developer has announced that Stellar Blade, an action RPG, will be released in 2023. On consoles, it will be a PS5 exclusive.

As a result, the studio used Sony’s State of Play event to release a trailer describing the game’s apocalyptic premise.

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You play Eve, a warrior who returns to a shattered Earth to rebuild and protect the last city (Xion) from “NA:tives.” Naturally, there will be some human intrigue in addition to the usual battles against terrifying-looking creatures.

The action RPG mechanics will sound familiar, but they may be appealing if you enjoy perfecting your gameplay. To succeed against regular foes, you’ll need “precise timing” with combos, defensive maneuvers, and skills, whereas boss fights will require a more “strategic” approach.

Since the first teaser trailer debuted in 2019, Project Eve has gained a lot of attention, thanks in part to its eye-catching visuals. The question is whether the finished Stellar Blade lives up to those expectations.

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This is Shift Up’s first console title, as well as its first AAA release. While the company has had success with Destiny Child, it will need to demonstrate that its experience translates well to other platforms.

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